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Erin Walter


From humble beginnings as a server to launching and managing her own marketing company, catering is in Erin Walter’s blood.   Erin is the CEO & Co-Founder of nuphoriq – a “caterer-made” marketing group serving catering companies and venues across 24 states. Her unique perspective is the product of having grown up in a family of successful business and catering entrepreneurs. Chicago-based Tasty Catering (where Erin also serves as a Leadership & Advisory Board Member) has provided her the environment and foundation to truly flourish as a thought leader in the space. Prior to starting her business, Erin cultivated her passion and competitiveness as a professional soccer player in the WPS. Now as an entrepreneur, she continues to compete through playing the Great Game of Business with her team at nuphoriq. Her organization is a well-recognized vendor member of the ICA. Erin is also a member of the Small Giants Community of values-driven business leaders and The Thought Board. She shares her expertise frequently by speaking at events, colleges, conferences and seminars nationwide. Erin holds two degrees from DePaul University (a Bachelor’s in Management and Marketing and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing Strategy) and formerly sat on the school’s Marketing Advisory Council (MAC). With her company eclipsing the five-year mark and accumulating several awards (including the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award by the Daily Herald Business Ledger), Erin Walter is undoubtedly one of our industry’s brightest rising stars.  
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