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Channel IQ

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Andy Walker
Chicago, IL


Channel IQ is the leading provider of online pricing intelligence solutions to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Channel IQ provides real-time, online promotion and pricing information, empowering customers to profitably handle channel issues and competitive situations. Unlike other alternatives, data, applications and services are combined to achieve consistently successful and profitable solutions. Channel IQ solutions are the result of cutting edge technology combined with decades of management experience in channel management, distribution, online retail and manufacturing. We provide real-time, online promotion and pricing information, empowering major manufacturers to quickly and profitably handle channel issues and competitive situations. Only Channel IQ combines integrated reporting, interactive applications and services to enable manufacturers to automatically act on real-time data.


price monitoring, Price Intelligence, competitive price intelligence, brand intelligence, manufacturer channel monitoring, Minimum advertised price compliance, MAP Monitoring, Brand Protection, Where To Buy, pricing intelligence
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Transparency Into eCommerce Channels Helps Manufacturers Assure Brand Integrity
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