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Chach DalSanto
St. Charles, IL


Contracting for various clients; recently completed long term assignment with major Chicago University as their Senior Student Systems Application Coordinator. Highlights include: Motorola Solutions – IT Architecture consultant for Disaster Recovery project; promoted to Project Manager 5 months later. *Overseeing technical, administrative, operational and budgetary concerns for $6.5 million project to refresh hardware onto VMware infrastructure and provide fault-tolerance and fail-over capabilities to alternate location in NJ. *The systems run radios for police, fire, military and other first responders across the country. *Effectively managed issues ranging from technical and architectural hurdles, security compliance, corporate buyout mid-project, massive talent & management turn-over, relocation of the DR site mid-project and general apathy on the team. *Projecting 11% under budget Large University Project: * Instrumental in providing IT Director and team with overall project management, systems migration expertise, detailed application, infrastructure & hardware troubleshooting, documentation, and Windows administration * Spearheaded migration from version 2.4 to 2.6.x of the Student Systems application while simultaneously transferring to new hardware, SAN and network infrastructure * Prepare business cases and other reports for recommendations regarding firewalls, F5’s, VMware virtualization, 64-bit operating systems and monitoring software * Sharing knowledge, experience and perspective on all areas of IT technology--such as Microsoft clustering options, virtualization (VMware and Microsoft), F5 network load balancing, Blade class servers, firewall technology and Windows Group Policies
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