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Erin Walter
Elk Grove Village, IL


We help real caterers grow profitable companies. With clients across the United States, nuphoriq is the country’s leading catering marketing organization.  What we do for caterers, however, is so much more than just “marketing.” We call it dimensional marketing, simply because there wasn’t a term in our industry yet that encompassed all of what we do: online marketing, traditional marketing, marketing strategy, business development and specified catering development. From east coast to west coast and every time zone in between, what we do is just for caterers.  This is where many of us got our start, earned years of experience and have a strong understanding and a passion. On our website, you’ll see very prominently this call to action: “Grow your catering business with marketing backed by industry veterans.”  We believe in what we do, and our clients do, too, because it is all supported by proven results.  Our clients have increased website traffic, grown local leads, closed more sales and improved profits, and many of these numbers have increased by over 100%. In addition to strong results, we have a strong culture of which we are very proud and to which we are seriously committed.  Since our foundation in 2011, we only hire people who believe in our values and only work with clients who can appreciate them as well.  In all honesty, we feel as though people respect us more for that.
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