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General Info
Jordan Gilman
Chicago, IL


The Omni-Channel Marketing Platform to make it personal.

We have built the most comprehensive platform of CRM, Sales and Marketing tools coupled with automation and intelligence to help you build stronger relationships through every channel... Online, In-Line and Social.

Power Your Campaigns and Your Company

PeopleVine is more than just your typical inbound marketing platform. Our clients leverage PeopleVine to build their web site, launch a loyalty program, ensure recurring revenue and more while having the tools to continuously engage with their people.

Accelerate Your Development

PeopleVine provides you with 60+ out-of-the-box experiences to get you to market quicker. While we make it even easier to take complete control over the design, integration and experience to give you complete flexibility.

The Agency's Platform

Access all of your clients with a single login. Do everything in PeopleVine including newsletters, text messaging, content management, loyalty, social, surveys and more. PeopleVine helps you replace your disconnected software.

A Seamless Experience Across Every Device

We ensure that every page takes on the look and feel of your existing web site, to ensure a consistent branded experience across every touch point.
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Create One-To-One Personalized Connections
Find Your Replacement And Then Promote Them
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