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Champion Healthcare Technologies

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Peter Casady
Lake Zurich, IL


Champion Healthcare Technologies is a privately held, healthcare information technology company and leader in implantable medical device inventory management solutions for hospitals. Champion’s flagship system UDITracker® captures, documents and shares medical implant data between patient care and supply chain information systems, empowering hospitals with the insights they need to drive down operating costs, improve regulatory compliance, increase patient safety and overall care. UDITracker® is a comprehensive solution that integrates regulatory compliance, inventory management, quality assurance and product recall inventory matching into a single, streamlined system. Using barcode scanners, smartphone apps and RFID storage units, users capture data once and record accurate information to ensure patient safety and inventory cost savings and to generate business-decision making analytics and benchmarking. UDITracker® provides hospitals a suite of innovative solutions including GraftTracker® for tissue tracking and regulatory compliance, UDITracker Interventional® for cardiac cath lab and interventional radiology inventory management, RFID swipe, grab and go™ storage solutions, QuickCheck™ for quality assurance of vendor-delivered inventory, and RecallConnect®, the only real-time recall inventory matching system on the market. RecallConnect® is a Chicago Innovation Award winner in recognition of its unique patient safety features. UDITracker® features interoperable interfaces to most electronic health record and inventory management systems, ensuring that medical device data can be traced and tracked and information can be searched, sorted and shared within a single hospital or across a group of hospitals. Champion Healthcare Technologies was established in 2006. Today, it serves more than 200 hospitals and major medical centers nationwide and is the market leader in tissue inventory management and compliance solutions.

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