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Accretive Health Inc.

General Info
Dr. Emad Rizk
Chicago, IL


Accretive Health utilizes over a decade of operational expertise to bring measured impact to healthcare providers. We partner with hospitals and health systems to implement proprietary methodologies and relieve administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on their core mission: delivering high-quality care.

Accretive Health’s operational framework centers on demonstrated capabilities and proficiencies across the end-to-end revenue cycle. Our solutions translate proven tactics and processes into measurable impact, leading to superior financial and organizational outcomes. Our expertise includes: Revenue Cycle Management: Modular and end-to-end services that leverage our extensive experience to deliver sustainable results for today’s complex revenue cycle challenges. Physician Advisory Services: A comprehensive physician advisory solution that supports hospitals and medical facilities in navigating the regulatory environment and improving compliance. Value-Based Reimbursement: Managing the transformation to fee-for-value reimbursement models, we provide the infrastructure and operational capabilities required for success.
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