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Vanco International

General Info
Brad Corbin
Batavia, IL


With more than 50 years in the Electronics Accessories Industry, Vanco has its origin as a provider of high quality audio, video, mobile, and CB accessories. Products were delivered by the company “Van” directly to the distributor and dealer locations throughout the Midwestern United States; thus the name Vanco. Today, although Vanco no longer uses the regional distribution “Van” concept, Vanco remains passionate about the customer, demanding high quality and innovative product development combined with impeccable customer service. Vanco’s distributor and retailer base has grown to encompass the United States and Canada with service to nine different channels of distribution; including the Low Voltage Distribution and Home Theater markets.

Converging Technologies

With the accelerated development of digital consumer electronic products, separation between technologies has been rapidly disappearing. The convergence of these technologies allows audio and voice, data networks, computers and real time, multi-channel video to be delivered on the same media at speeds unheard of a decade ago. Vanco is committed to providing leading edge electronic accessories that advance connectivity and embrace the digital information evolution.

Innovative New Products

Vanco draws upon years of electronic experience to design and source electronic accessory products that address emerging new markets. Most recent introductions include – HDBaseT enabled products, HDMI Active Distribution Products, IR Distribution Systems and Accessories, Wall Mounts, and a Complete selection of Networking products.

Expanding Distribution

Vanco has worked diligently over the past several years developing significant distribution partners, assuring the conduits are in place to deliver innovative and leading edge products to the end user. No product, regardless of how innovative, is of value until placed in the hands of the end user with the need. Vanco channels of distribution include Home Theater Distributors and Retailers, General Line Electronic Distributors, Consumer Electronic Retailers, Low Voltage Residential and Commercial Distributors, Electrical Distributors, Security Distributors, Network Distributors, Mobile Distributors, and CB Distributors.

Quality Commitment

Effective and reliable high-speed communications require high quality product design and production. Vanco’s detailed quality inspection procedures insure that rigorous specifications are achieved. All Active HDMI Products and Cables are 100% QC Tested in the United States.
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