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Jesse Lopez
Chicago, IL


SourceOne has distinguished itself as a premier innovator of scientifically proven natural products and technologies. Our leadership team’s ongoing success in forging numerous global natural ingredient supply partnerships and research and development alliances results in competitive advantages and added value to the natural product portfolio we bring to the global marketplace. The synergies created by these partnerships are directly and immediately applicable to the new nutrition and health supplement products we are introducing and those we are developing. The many benefits derived from these innovations and the technology exchange will resonate with our client partners and ultimately the consumer focused on health and wellness. Building on a tradition of leadership and responsibility in this industry, SourceOne is committed to the highest levels of customer service by providing the newest technologies and highest-quality ingredients that are backed by an experienced technical staff, innovative marketing solutions, and detailed scientific support. We have assembled an outstanding team of seasoned professionals who are leaders in marketing, technical support, science, business development, and sales in the global nutritional ingredient business marketplace. By cultivating current partnerships and developing new strategic alliances with leading research, product development, and manufacturing companies worldwide, SourceOne is your partner in reaching and expanding your market potential.
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Scientific Approach Improves Delivery of Nutritional Supplements
Company Spotlight in Tech
Chicago Public Library
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Brian Bannon
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Brad Becker
Leonard & Associates CPAs
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Michael Leonard
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Shatabdi Basu
Covalience, LLC
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Kevin Sandahl
Raise The Bar Consulting
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Aaron Levy
Integrated Project Management
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Mike McLeod
Heidolph NA
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Jim Dawson
RightHand Technologies
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Steve Valentor
MFV Expositions
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Rob Lancit
Peanut App
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Michelle Kennedy
KOMET of America, Inc.
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Jan Pflugfelder
SAP Fieldglass
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Jai Shekhawat
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Tim Beerman
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Kevin Akeroyd
InvestHER Ventures
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Cayla Weisberg
Specifi LLC
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Ed Marcheselli
AAron Dannenbring
EZLinks Golf
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Gary Cohen
Framework IT
TurboAppeal Inc
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Peer Munck
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Pavel Sokolovsky
Joseph Annotti Consulting
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Accretive Health Inc.
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Dr. Emad Rizk
Devbridge Group
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Aurimas Adomavicius
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Dave Cutler
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David Kalt
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Kaitlin Reimann
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Canh Tran
Dolphin Rose Music and Media Worldwide
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Dylan Jordan
Call One Inc.
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Chris Surdenik
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Dan Dal Degan
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Mike Kritzman
Highland Solutions
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Jeff Nixon
SG Interactive
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Jordan Levin
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Dave Davenport
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Mitch Greenwald
Maven Wave
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Brian Farrar
Nexus A.I.
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Phil Alexander
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Loren Trimble
Allant Group
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Gaurav Issar
Lawson Products
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Michael DeCata
Illinois Technology Association (ITA)
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Julia Kanouse
Liberty Advisor Group
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Sara Fitzgerald
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Mitch Carrel
VineSprout Public Relations
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Ben Pavlovic