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Amanda Signorelli
Chicago, IL


Techweek creates and curates engaging media, dynamic events and disruptive content on web, digital and interactive technology, bringing together diverse communities of entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and thought leaders. The ultimate goal of Techweek is to spotlight and enable innovation ecosystems.  

We are building the world’s largest community-driven tech platform to support tech entrepreneurship across the world

  • OUR HISTORY: Founded 5 years ago in Chicago to showcase and support Chicago’s unheralded emerging tech ecosystem
  • OUR GROWTH: Recognizing Chicago was not alone in its desire to support its entrepreneurial community, we have expanded to seven more North American cities in 2016
  • OUR PRODUCTS: We have spent 5 years innovating and experimenting to develop a set of 6 products that individually solve real pain-points, and collectively nurture the entire ecosystem
  • OUR CUSTOMERS:Techweek serves the entire technology ecosystem, from Fortune 500 CEOs looking to tell their innovation story, to bootstrap founders looking to meet co-founders or investors
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Techweek 2016
Techweek: A Time To Connect With Visionaries
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Amanda Signorelli
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Swap Motors
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InstruMMents Inc.
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Savvo Digital Sommelier Solutions
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Civis Analytics
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CBIG Consulting
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Trading Technologies
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Lawson Products
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Chicago Health Executives Forum
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Heidolph NA
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Narrative Science
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MFV Expositions
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First Communications
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Vertex Software
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Accretive Health Inc.
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Dr. Emad Rizk
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Slack and Company
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