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EXPO CHICAGO, The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art | September | NAVY PIER. EXPO CHICAGO takes place every year at historic Navy Pier. Inaugurated in 2012, now in its fourth season of operation, EXPO CHICAGO features over 140 of the leading galleries from around the world each September. In addition to the galleries and artists on view, the exposition also includes a program of Special Exhibitions, panel discussions, and site-specific projects.

Drawing upon the city's rich history as a destination for arts and culture, EXPO CHICAGO bridges a critical gap for Chicago's contemporary art community. By engaging with regional, national, and international collectors, the exposition opens the fall art season.

In addition to the exposition, EXPO ART WEEK highlights the vast cultural opportunities that Chicago has to offer to collectors, dealers, art enthusiasts, and tourists. EXPO CHICAGO in conjunction with CHOOSE CHICAGO, the city’s tourism and marketing organization and Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE), introduce EXPO ART WEEK. With EXPO CHICAGO itself as the centerpiece, the exposition joins together with over 45 of the city’s most prestigious cultural institutions for a citywide celebration of art and culture – including museum exhibitions, gallery openings, installations, public art projects, music, theater and dance performances, and special dining experiences.

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EXPO CHICAGO Predicted to Bring 32,000 Visitors This Year
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