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Sherrie Hicks


Sherrie Hicks is a renowned teeth-whitening innovator with a 30+ year track record in the professional dental industry. She has worked for Major Fortune 500 Companies such as DuPont, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, 3M, Procter & Gamble, and is the only person to have worked for the three largest whitening dental companies in the world, BriteSmile, Discus Dental, and Ultradent Products.

Her career spans the gamut of teeth whitening techniques including new product concepts, formulation development, package design, branding, and driving sales and creating one-of-a-kind marketing programs. Sherrie has led over 35 clinical studies on the various aspects of teeth whitening techniques, efficacy and consumer preference. She is a clinical trainer for dentists, a nationally known whitening lecturer and was chosen by the powerful Chicago Dental Society and The International Dental Society to be their expert spokesperson and lecturer for their Global conferences.

Referred to as the “Whitening Guru” by the dental community and her friends at QVC, in 2017 Sherrie saw an opportunity to address the costly, and often-lengthy treatment process people go through in order to achieve teeth whitening professional results. Whether you are seeking a professional teeth whitening solution from a dentist or an over the counter self-purchase, the process is boring, and often leads to gum irritation and teeth sensitivity ...thus people stop the treatment.

After numerous clinical trials and consumer testing, she perfected a whole new whitening system with her own one-of-a-kind proprietary formulation. This category disruptor teeth whitening experience is based on her very own Flavor-GenixTM Technology and included in the entire Smile-Licious product line.

As a Clinician and National Teeth Whitening Expert, Sherrie spends her time lecturing for the Top Dental Societies, educating dentists and their teams on different whitening formulations, techniques, and their efficacy.

Her articles regarding practice management and how to best incorporate a successful whitening system have reached over 8,000 North American Dentists. Sherri's "Out of The Box" marketing campaigns for dentists have won numerous awards coupled with her excellent verbal skills and whitening knowledge makes her a popular lecturer both domestically and Globally.

As a former Model, Actress and Miss Ohio, Mrs. Illinois-America she has traveled all over the Globe and learned insights on teeth whitening that she is now making available through her proprietary Flavor-Genix Technology and Smile-Licious whitening products.

To relax and find her inner balance, Sherrie enjoys what most people would consider hard work. She is an accomplished equestrian with a lot of good horse sense. On any given weekend you may find her either breaking-in or training “Paso Finos” at her southern Ohio farm. On the softer side she is passionate for developing gourmet dishes ...enjoyed by all that know her!
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