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Emerging Technologies, Inc.

General Info
Inna Berkovich
Chicago, IL


ETI specializes in custom software solutions for complex business challenges.  We work in partnership with business and IT departments in helping clients grow their business enabling them to successfully compete in the challenging marketplace. Started in 1995, by experienced MBAs and Technology Professionals, ETI has always kept its focus on matching top IT talent with the best corporate opportunities in contract, contract-to-hire and permanent hire placements. In the last few years we have expanded our on-site expertise to include off-site and off-shore development. ETI offers knowledge and expertise in numerous areas and a full range of outsourced services. We are your strong technology partner and can assist with all phases of IT projects from design and planning, project management to implementation.  We will help you refocus your long term strategy to be in line with the technology of today and tomorrow. Through our proven recruitment methodology we have achieved great success in building a reputation with both clients and candidates alike.  We take the time to truly understand your business needs and corporate culture and provide you with the most talented professionals the industry has to offer.
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