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NowPow, LLC

General Info
Stacy Lindau
Chicago, IL


NowPow is a knowledge utility company that powers up underserved communities by providing people the vital information they need to stay well and live long. Our multi-sided technology platform connects health care to self-care. By providing better access to the right resources, NowPow makes self-care simple for those that need it most. Integrating with all electronic health record, care and case systems and CRMs, NowPow produces customized community resource e-prescriptions that extend, complement and complete care plans given to the patient by providers. NowPow generates the personalized e-prescriptions by applying a rigorous matching methodology to our enormous inventory of community services and an individual’s personal health and social conditions.  Our technology connects referral makers to referral takers to “close the loop” on health and social services.
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