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Devbridge Group

General Info
Aurimas Adomavicius
Chicago, IL


As former developers, software designers, and technology consultants, we found mediocrity to be the status quo in the software industry. Be it enterprise processes, constantly changing priorities, or lack of UX expertise, large organizations continue to struggle and make meaningful strides with IT innovation. We have always believed that great software could help. We opened our doors in 2008, with those ideals in mind. We believe that great products can excite people and transform entire enterprises, allowing innovation to flow freely. We design elegant software products that inspire our clients' employees and customers to achieve great things. We live our values and invest time into meaningful experiences at work and with our families. We operate following six simple principles:
  • Make great things - We build products that are fast, effortless to use and aesthetically pleasing. We roll up our sleeves and create things worthy of our clients' and users' time.
  • Deliver results - Activity without progress is worthless. At the individual level and as an organization, we take responsibility for our successes, our failures and our work.
  • Embrace transparency - Clients work with us because they trust us. We track and measure every aspect of our work to ensure projects launch on time, on budget and generate meaningful value for our clients.
  • Seek mastery - We reject mediocrity. We pursue perfection, depth of knowledge and life-long learning.
  • Take ownership - We're not afraid to speak up and stand for what we think is true.
  • Have fun - We enjoy solving complex challenges and celebrating success together. We are a like-minded team of talented and passionate professionals.
Learning doesn’t stop once you choose a career at Devbridge Group. We attend educational events, participate in internal knowledge sharing sessions and work in a collaborative learning environment. Here you can rapidly develop your career; the potential for growth and opportunities is limitless. We create powerful, beautiful and intuitive digital products. We don't blindly follow trends. We take our understanding of the latest technologies and build the best solutions for our enterprise clients.
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