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Mobolaji Akintunde


Mobolaji Akintunde is a serial entrepreneur. He started his career as a talent manager and guided the careers of several recording artists and painters, who have gone on to win grammies and international notoriety respectively. Mobolaji leveraged his relationships in the music and entertainment business to pair big brands with pop culture influencers and celebrities, recognizing opportunities for synergistic relationships between them.

Today Mobolaji humanizes brands to authentically connect with their audience. He works with corporations, agencies, social organizations, and entrepreneurs to develop their MVP (mission, values, and purpose), brand strategy and to launch new innovative ventures. Forever curious about the intersection of art, culture, and technology, Mobolaji has spent the last decade applying his expertise across various projects.

Mobolaji is an avid speaker and currently executive produces and hosts the talk show, Marketing Disrupted. He interviews "disruptors" in the marketing landscape and explores how technology, and innovative thinking and hacking has disrupted the way marketers execute campaigns, grow audiences and galvanize attention.

Mobolaji is a strategic advisory at School2Life and board member of Kuumba Lynx where he engages with Chicago's urban youth and trains them to be bold and expressive forces in their community. His goal is to inspire our next generation of leaders and innovators to realize their fullest potential by breaking through both real and perceived barriers to their dreams and success.
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