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Jamie Teets


With more than ten years of experience in transportation brokerages, Jamie Teets is a knowledgeable and successful businessman. He demonstrated great ambition and a strong entrepreneurial spirit when he co-founded Transportation One LLC in 2010. Jamie’s vision was to build one of the fastest-growing, most efficient and optimized third-party logistics companies in the country. Now Transportation One is on its way to achieving Jamie’s impressive goal by offering one-stop, turn-key supply chain solutions and proactive service to customers on a daily basis. Jamie seeks out employees who go above and beyond to satisfy customers and carriers, build lasting client relationships, recognize there is always more work to be done and look for better ways to do it. Jamie focuses on encouraging outstanding performance and loyalty from his associates. He supports constant growth in his employees and offers them opportunities to excel in the industry. Jamie graduated from Indiana University Kelley School of Business with majors in operations management and marketing. His family’s long history in the automotive and manufacturing industries also contributed to Jamie’s knowledge of business and logistics early in his life. He worked summer jobs on the manufacturing floor as well as in the engineering, sales, forecasting and supply chain departments. These experiences gave him a solid, diverse professional foundation. Jamie hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Despite his many professional successes, Jamie’s most fulfilling role in life is being a father to his son, James Michael and husband to his wife, Lindsey. Jamie is a huge fan of all Detroit’s major league sports teams as well as those from his alma mater and Michigan State University.
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