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Leonard & Associates CPAs

General Info
Michael Leonard
Oak Park, IL


Our clients do not buy accounting, tax or consulting services from us. They come to us to purchase solutions to their problems and to plan for their dreams. It is our mission to help them attain those results.

We will ask questions and listen cheerfully. Once we have become informed we will incorporate our own knowledge and expertise to propose a plan that will give our clients the desired result.

We thus become partners with our clients to create the ideal scene for them. We accomplish this by:

  1. Identify the desired result
  2. Devising a strategic plan to attain the desired results
  3. Implementation
  4. Monitoring until desired results is attained

We will at all times maintain the highest standards during our relationship so that your expectations are met, and goals accomplished in a time table we agree upon as long as we both do our part in this partnership.

We will treat our clients with the highest regard and provide such superior service that they will enthusiastically recommend us to others and never consider going anywhere else.

This is our mission statement and our pledge to our clients.

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