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The Chicago Leadership Alliance

General Info
Mandy Yoh
Chicago, IL


Our Mission:
Our organization brings together Chicago’s most dedicated leaders from the private, nonprofit and public sectors in a passionate and consolidated effort to leverage activism in our communities and workplaces.

Our Impact:
Our members work as a community to mobilize, collaborate and provide actionable solutions that ignite transformative impact within the city of Chicago.

Unlike most non-profits, our organization does not focus on one cause - instead we pursue dozens of causes, organizations, projects, population segments and geographical areas in Chicago. In our pursuit we organize and segment our work around the pinnacle issues within the civic, business and philanthropic economies of Chicago.

Our Members:
Our members are the lifeblood of our organization. They are the young leaders and activists of Chicago. They are the visionaries....And the doers.

With their inherent altruism, they lead by example and work together to empower one another. Their shared passion to create a better city drives actionable impact with programs that help dozens of causes, organizations, population segments and geographical areas in Chicago
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Executive Director Mandy Yoh Defines Her Greatest Challenge and An Innovative Solution
Company Spotlight in Tech
Specifi LLC
videos (1)
Ed Marcheselli
LED Gaming
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Steven De Mar
Framework CareFree IT
videos (1)
Ben Kohn
Objective Paradigm, Inc.
videos (1)
Kevin Krumm
videos (1)
Terry Howerton
Keeper Security, Inc.
videos (2)
Darren Guccione
Civis Analytics
videos (1)
Dan Wagner
Devbridge Group
videos (1)
Aurimas Adomavicius
10th Magnitude
videos (1)
Alex Brown
FLEx Lighting
videos (1)
Mike Casper
Heidolph NA
videos (1)
Jim Dawson
Accretive Health Inc.
videos (1)
Dr. Emad Rizk
videos (1)
Luke Smith
Vous Vitamin, LLC
videos (1)
Arielle Levitan
Channel IQ
videos (1)
Andy Walker
SoloInsight Inc.
videos (1)
Farhan Masood
videos (1)
Gary Conkright
Tenant Cloud
videos (1)
Joseph Edgar
Chicago Health Executives Forum
videos (1)
Georgia Casciato
videos (1)
Glenn Trout
XSELL Technologies
videos (1)
Matt Coughlin
videos (1)
Craig Vodnik
Elexa Consumer Products
videos (1)
Lawrence Beger
videos (1)
Matt Kunkel
videos (1)
Sean Flynn
videos (1)
Lewis Borsellino
Alive Telecom
videos (2)
Daniel Barton
videos (1)
Lou Ennuso
Multiple, Inc.
videos (1)
Dave Mason
Regroup Therapy
videos (1)
David Cohn
SG Interactive
videos (1)
Jordan Levin
videos (1)
Mitch Carrel
Encompass AV
videos (2)
Earlybird Software
videos (1)
Andrew Parnell
videos (1)
Peer Munck
All Terrain
videos (1)
Sarah Eck-Thompson
Kamea Networks & Technology
videos (1)
Chach DalSanto
videos (2)
Jeff Mariola
SMS Assist, LLC
videos (2)
Taylor Rhodes
videos (1)
Canh Tran
One North Interactive
videos (1)
John Simpson
videos (1)
Darpan Munjal
Broadwind Energy
videos (1)
Peter Duprey
SourceOne Global Partners
videos (1)
Jesse Lopez
videos (1)
Dan Dal Degan
videos (1)
Matt Bernstein
videos (1)
Ray Grady
BlueGrace Logistics
videos (1)
Alisha Greenwald