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Kristi Ross
Chicago, IL


tastytrade is one of the most-watched online financial networks, engaging investors and traders across 150 countries with 8 hours of daily, live, cost-free and commercial free programming and accessible through video on- demand 24/7. tastytrade’s research-based content teaches a logical, mechanical approach to investing and identifying opportunities based on probability and volatility. Investors are continually challenged with financial math, humor and new market perspectives. tastytrade has over 30 million hours watched of free archived programming. tastytrade distributes its shows through www.tastytrade.com, www.tastyworks.com, iTunes, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, YouTube. tastytrade has been awarded the Chicago Innovation Award 2013 People’s Choice & 2014 for its visual trading technology, Best in Biz Most Innovative Company in 2013, Most Innovative Consumer Product 2014, silver Most Innovative Consumer Product and bronze Most Innovative Consumer App 2015. In 2017, tastytrade won the CEC Momentum Award. The award, presented by the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center and tech incubator 1871, recognizes a company more than five years old that is on track to become one of the next great companies to emerge in Chicago.

tastyworks, a wholly owned subsidiary of tastytrade, is a new online broker launched January 2017 (member of FINRA, NFA and SIPC). The teams are leading a financial revolution to change the culture of investing and debunking the myths around active vs. passive investing for the do-it-yourself investor.
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