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Opportunity Is All Around You

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tastytrade is an online financial network that provides eight hours of live programming every day to educate people about the financial market and how to trade. They also offer brokerage services and are expanding into the futures market this year. Kristi Ross, the Co-CEO and President of tastytrade, discusses some challenges that she faces in the business today. One challenge is talent acquisition, which Ross says is one of the most important investments a company can make. If a company finds somebody who fits in with the culture and is talented at what they do, it’s important to hire them even if there’s not a role that they can fit into at that time – with training, they’ll grow into a role, and the company will have the best people for the job. Ross says that it’s also important to seek out opportunity, take risks, and be proactive. It’s also important to make sure employees have a voice and are given the opportunity to make a difference within the company – if employees are passionate about the company, they’ll deliver a better product. To find out more about Kristi and tastytrade, watch the full BizCastHQ video.