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RMB Capital

General Info
Dimitri P. Eliopoulos
Chicago, IL


RMB Capital is an independent, employee-owned firm that offers advisory services and investment solutions for a diverse range of clients. For high-net-worth individuals and families, RMB Wealth Management provides comprehensive financial planning services as well as asset allocation recommendations and investment implementation. Our goal is to provide peace of mind by creating a personalized financial plan designed with each individual’s best interests, unique needs, and long-term objectives in mind.   For institutional investors, RMB Asset Management offers equity, fixed income, and alternative investment strategies run by highly experienced portfolio managers. Our goal is to deliver solutions that satisfy distinct objectives within each institution’s overall asset allocation. For employers, RMB Retirement Plan Solutions serves as a co-fiduciary, providing retirement plan consulting based on a comprehensive assessment of each employer’s unique needs. Our goal is to optimize outcomes for the organization, its employees, and its executives.
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