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SimpleRelevance, Inc.

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Erik Severinghaus
Chicago, IL


SimpleRelevance's machine learning technology was acquired in December 2015 by Rise Interactive. To see more information about Rise, visit their page here: http://bit.ly/22pFYw6. Read more about the machine learning technology below.   We make it incredibly easy for your business to personalize digital marketing communication through personalized landing pages, email, digital ads, social media messages, and SMS text. Our technology combines behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and other online behavior data to create the next generation of personalized marketing.   We use machine learning and predictive analytics to produce individual recommendations from just a few columns of data. Our solution integrates seamlessly into any email service provider, CRM, or third party data source, so you'll automatically have up-to-date recommendations for each customer when sending web communications.   We differ from other recommendation platforms in that we don’t use just past purchase history of each customer. We build a 360° profile that includes demographic and social data for your customers from a variety of our external partners.   Visualize each customer, their interests, when they want to be messaged, and the products they are most likely to buy. Break down your customers by what they have in common and easily target those segments. Identify the metrics that are important to you like purchases, click-through and open rates.


E-Commerce Personalization, Recommendation Engine, Email Recommending, Personalizing Recommendations
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