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Tom Walter


A “serial entrepreneur,” author, speaker, as well as a principal in numerous companies. I have over forty years of experience as an owner and operator in the service industry and have learned a lot of life lessons from the start up of 32 companies, acquisition of three, sales of several, and—in a few cases—the termination of businesses, in a broad spectrum of markets. I remain a principal and adviser for several companies, most of which are part of 80Nine Holdings and have been co-founded by members of my staff. Those companies include:

-Tasty Catering—leading Chicago-area full-service catering company

-T.F. Processors—national food processing company

-That’s Caring—socially-responsible, high-end gift company

-nuphoriq—marketing agency specializing the catering and event planning profession

-Touhy Capital—funding firm

-Wahalla LLC, 1495 Tonne Venture, N44th,McCabe Venture—real estate entities

When I’m not handling my responsibilities as Chief Culture Officer (CCO) of Tasty Catering, I can be found serving as a member of many societies and educational groups, including:

-Chicago Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame

-Small Giants Community

-DePaul University’s School of Hospitality Leadership Advisory Board

-University of Illinois,Chicago’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies

-Quincy University School of Business Advisory Board

-Notre Dame College Prep Hall of Honor

-Midwest Academy of Management

-Academy of Management


I am passionate about employee engagement, business culture development, leadership and entrepreneurship, all topics on which I am also an experienced speaker. I am also the co-author of the award winning business book It’s My Company Too! which contains evidence based case studies on eight organizations that achieved high performance through employee engagement.

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