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Jennifer Nemec


In the year 2000, Jennifer Nemec established two companies Ideation Studio Inc. a design/think-tank-consulting firm; and secondly, Milieu Inc. the brand name under which products are manufactured and launched. Ideation Studio is a multi-disciplinary design firm offers a broad scope of design services to its clients. Ideation Studio services include: Retail Store Concept Design, Identity Design and Product Design, offering complete cohesive design solutions from concept through documentation and completion. Jennifer's emphasis on the processes of Conceptualization, Branding, User Experience, Research & Strategic Positioning has enabled the Ideation Studio team to provide its clients with a valuable competitive edge.

Jennifer Nemec is a multi-disciplinary designer, with a vast educational background, a true passion for design, and a strong conviction for hard work. She emerged as one of Chicago's premiere designers andwas named a "Woman to Watch" by Today's Chicago Woman Magazine.

Ideation Studio has become a National Award Winning Design Firm and is continually ranked amongst the Top Retail Design Firms in the world by VMSD magazine. The firm continues to be an industry leader by pushing new boundaries. Ideation Studio is currently working on incorporating virtual reality into the design process, and augmented reality for more immersive experience in brand environment design.

Jennifer has experience in Retail Store Prototype Design, Exterior Architectural Design, Graphic Design & Product Design/Development. Highly regarded clients including Reebok, Lexus, Acura, Toyota, Sears, McDonalds, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, among many others.

Specialties: Providing Multidisciplinary Design globally: Specializing in Branded environments: Retail, Restaurant, Commercial Office Environments; Product Design and Graphic Design.
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