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Dominique Raccah


Dominique Raccah is the publisher of Sourcebooks, the company she founded in 1987 as a source of financial information for bankers, which turned out to be about as interesting as it sounds. From that small start, Raccah has directed a continuously growing entrepreneurial company that morphed into a general trade house which happily produces everything from bestsellers in fiction, to number one titles in both baby names and college guides, eleven New York Times Bestsellers and more than twenty national bestsellers.

Sourcebooks today has over 130 employees, publishes over 400 new titles each year and is proud to be the largest woman-owned trade book publisher in the country as well as the largest trade book publisher in Chicago.

Sourcebooks is a company that has grown through small and large innovations, pioneering cutting edge bestselling mixed-media titles that led to an early involvement in digital book projects, iPhone apps, enhanced digital books, and many digital partnerships.

That innovation continues today as Raccah has pioneered the development of technology in many different parts of the book industry and is excited about taking a leading independent book publisher into an evolving digital landscape. What do we believe book publishing is today? For us, it means a passion for books and a dedication to the belief that books change lives. It means innovative publishing, where every book is personal and every author's voice has a place.

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