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O’Kelly Kasprak LLC

General Info
David Kasprak
Chicago, IL


O'Kelly Kasprak is a full service architecture, interior design and project management firm known for bringing a hospitality perspective to all types of commercial spaces. Our portfolio includes a variety of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainment venues, sport and recreation facilities, theaters, corporate spaces, retail stores, and specialty projects.

The essence of what makes O’Kelly Kasprak exceptional lies not only with the experience of the named principals, but in the diverse blend of architects, interior designers, and visionaries that combine to form a tailored team for each project. Though each team member has a different background and skill set, they all share a passion for design and the collaborative work ethic essential to the OKK culture.

O'Kelly Kasprak curates experiences through design and the beliefs that: Design is a team effort. There are no small projects; every project gets the full focus of our team. Clients know a lot about what they need, we listen. Good design strikes a balance between aesthetic form and operational function. In the integrity of our firm.

The firm does so through a conceptual process. Experience has taught O’Kelly Kasprak's staff that each project has a purpose to be defined and explored. This purpose is transformed into a design concept and communicated through images to tell a story. Each story is different and each result unique, O’Kelly Kasprak invites its clients to be a part of its collaborative design process.

O'Kelly Kasprak offers a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs of each client and each project, including; architecture interior design engineering kitchen design project management procurement pre-planning/feasibility rendering self-certification.
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