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ASI Home Care

General Info
Marta Cerda
Chicago, IL


ASI is a 40 year old, non-profit, bi-lingual agency providing quality home care to seniors and individuals with disabilities. Home care aides assist clients with personal care (bathing, dressing); home care like light housekeeping; daily living tasks like meal preparation and feeding; money management; companion services like accompanying clients to doctor appointments and other outings; healthcare support like medication reminders and other activities of daily living. ASI also provides heavy duty chore services for those whose environment threatens their health or recovery. Services include extensive cleaning (ovens, refrigerators, cabinets, walls); moving and cleaning furniture; organizing cabinets, closets and paperwork. Chore service is often sought for seniors and others who live with excessive clutter or compulsive hoarding. ASI currently services 800+ clients with its workforce of 300 homecare aides and certified nursing assistants.

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