Groupon To Go

General Info
Sean Smyth
Chicago, IL


Start with the Customer

We’re always imagining new ways to exceed the expectations of all our customers—both consumers looking for great experiences at a great value and merchants seeking solutions to attract more customers and run their businesses better. Our deals and business tools connect the two in a seamless way that brings significant value to both their lives.

Great People Make Great Companies

We’re a home for creatives, problem-solvers, and innovators alike—those with the passion and know-how to transform what-abouts into the products and services our customers need and want. We know we’d be nothing without the people that make up this company, so we’ve created a workplace that’s not only inclusive and fun, but also rewards achievement with increased ownership and challenges.

Intolerant of Mediocrity

We’re in relentless pursuit of excellence, continually raising our own bar to remain at the forefront of local commerce. With ongoing testing and improvements to our site design, mobile app, inventory, and shopping experience, we’ve built the world’s largest marketplace of deals to deliver all the things our customers love, anywhere, anytime.

Build for the Long Term

Even when instant gratification seems attractive, we’ll never do something for short-term gains that we know will hurt us in the long run. We’re willing to make investments that may not pay off for years, such as developing our own new technologies or acquiring a startup on the rise.

Making Life Less Boring

Plenty of things in life are pretty ho-hum, so we aim to provide an escape from the everyday grind. In our quest to liven things up, we infuse excitement, newness and unpredictability into everything we do—from our offers and shopping experience to our office space and workday.
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