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Guy Medaglia


Guy A. Medaglia was appointed President & Chief Executive Officer of Chicago Southwest Development Corporation in 2013 and Saint Anthony Hospital in July 2010 after he and his team led the financial turnaround of the hospital. It has continued to remain in the black since that time, while continuing to serve a patient population that is more than 60 percent Medicaid and Medicare. Mr. Medaglia also led the hospital’s separation from a national healthcare system. Under his leadership, Saint Anthony Hospital most recently received the 2015 Illinois Performance Excellence Bronze Award for “Commitment to Excellence” by demonstrating earnest efforts to adopt and apply continuous improvement principles, following the Baldrige Criteria.

Prior to Mr. Medaglia’s appointment, he was a managing director in the FTI’s Corporate Finance practice, where he specialized in assisting senior management, boards of directors and creditors in the areas of operational restructuring and performance improvement assessment and implementation. Mr. Medaglia has an accomplished background in the retail, manufacturing and healthcare industry. During his career in the healthcare industry, he designed and implemented numerous strategic initiatives around expense improvement, product line evaluation and modification, revenue enhancement, quality improvement, physician relations and physician contract management for academic medical centers, and multiple urban community hospitals both freestanding and as part of a Catholic health system.

In addition, Mr. Medaglia has advised senior management and board members on acquisitions, new business initiatives and new market ventures. As a former chief human resources officer, he advised and managed union avoidance campaigns, labor contract negotiations, management selection, management assessment and programs designed to focus on employee recruitment and retention.

Outside the healthcare industry, Mr. Medaglia participated in the financial turnaround of two regional retail chains, managed the system integration of two merged corporations, and led the acquisition and integration of two retail companies along with the downsizing and closure of the merged entity’s corporate headquarters.

Prior to joining FTI, Mr. Medaglia was senior operations executive for Roger Williams Medical Center; vice president and managing director for Li Moran International, Inc.; senior vice president for Montgomery Ward Corp.; vice president for Leeward Corp.; vice president for Hook-SupeRX, Inc.; and divisional vice president for Sara Lee Corp.

Mr. Medaglia holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Meyer University in Cleveland, Ohio and a master’s degree in management from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

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