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Daniel Cage


Business Leadership

Daniel Cage is an American businessman and leader in the fintech industry. He currently serves a Managing Partner of the The Cage Group, an advisory firm and incubator dedicated to serving highly impactful companies and government agencies focused on efficiency, lowering business costs and/or creating new revenue streams through the utilization of commerce driven blockchain, A.I. and machine learning.

Over the past ten years, Daniel has been a leader in alternative financial technology for both the consumer and commercial sectors. His companies have helped millions of purchasers and businesses across the nation diversify and expand their payments and product options.

Daniel specializes in identifying and leveraging technology assets, financing their growth and leading strategy for their market penetration. He has a proven record of success for building innovative businesses across the United States.

Early Years and Education

Daniel’s entrepreneurial instincts began while he was a student at the University of Southern California​. At 19 years old, Cage turned a summer gig as a member of a local LA rock band into landing an international recording contract with Virgin Records. That contract would take Daniel on the road with musicians like Lenny Kravitz and would lead him to additional contracts with Warner Chappell Music Publishing and MCA/ Universal Records as a solo artist. Daniel also was tapped by John Mellencamp, The Doobie Brothers and others as a supporting act. While touring, Daniel maintained his academics and would earn his BA in Political Science from the University of Southern California.

After graduating from USC, and a few years both on tour and in the recording studio, Cage recognized there was a lucrative business in providing sound design and music production for television, specifically in advertising. Cage went on to start SoundCage, a post-production content firm that serviced advertising firms for some of the nation’s largest companies, including AT&T, Nike, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Sony, Miller-Coors. Among Daniel’s clients were BBDO, Deutsch, and McCann Erickson, to name a few. Within the first three years, SoundCage became a household name in national advertising campaigns, having produced some favorites such as, Little Caesar’s “Pizza Pizza”, Saturn’s “Rethink”, Coor’s Light’s “Wing Dog” and many others.

In 2008, Cage had a concept for a bigger idea that would become his next company, Linq3. In early 2009, Cage brokered a successful sale of SoundCage which funded the beginnings of the new company. Cage then led the successful launch of Linq3 Technologies, a U.S. based innovation and technology firm that re-shaped the American lottery system. Linq3 created a state-of-the-art solution for digital game play that brings point of sale (POS) networks, including fuel pumps, ATMs, and retail checkout, to secure and efficient lottery systems distributed by state departments. As CEO, Daniel lead a multi-state government affairs team and advocated for legislative and regulatory change. Cage also lead partnerships that yielded Linq3’s distribution through several of the nation’s largest retailers such as Kroger, Target, and Publix and many of the top state lotteries that include NY, CA, PA, NC, GA and others. Today, Linq3 holds over 900 claims within its patent portfolio related to mobile gaming and payment transactions, all of which Daniel was the primary inventor and strategist.

In August of 2018, Daniel announced that he would step away from Linq3, in pursuit of his next venture.

Personal Life

Daniel currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is a proud husband to Jaime and father of two children.
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