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Chaz Walters


CHAZ WALTERS is synonymous with Chicago real estate. He and his HOT PROPERTY brand are known internationally for not only their tremendous successes, but also for unwavering commitment to clients, innovating marketing and stellar service. Chaz’s consistent annual sales over $50 million further affirm the prestigious distinction as one of Chicago’s top 5 agents. HOT PROPERTY came to fruition ten years ago while Chaz was the mega-agent with another real estate franchise. HOT PROPERTY Residential Brokerage was established to be the primer outlet for selling Chicago’s most prized homes. Chaz recruited and mentored a handpicked force of the best agents in Chicago. HOT PROPERTY further honed its reputation that it was a people-driven business philosophy that facilitated a culture of working closely with clients to buy and sell the finest homes all the while truly surpassing their client’s expectations. In fact, Chaz has thousands of clients that are not only supremely satisfied but they refer others with the confidence that if you’re selling, it’s sold; if you’re buying, it’s bought. Coldwell Banker and Chaz Walter’s HOT PROPERTY Residential Brokerage have merged to bring together two of Chicago’s most respected brands. Coldwell Banker is among the top three Real Estate companies in Chicago. The international partnership brings added value to agents and clients by providing exclusive media opportunities with The Chicago Tribune. The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, as well as providing unique opportunities for sellers to have their properties seen and showcased to qualified buyers worldwide. Now, Coldwell Banker is Chicago’s most dynamic real estate brokerage agency with hundreds of offices over and 60,000 agents and Chaz Walter’s prestige, creativity and passion. They are corporate owned and a part of NRT and Realogy.
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