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Zen Events Group

General Info
Jannell Colton
Chicago, IL


Since 1985, we have grown to over 40 locations across the U.S. and Canada. As innovators in the meeting, live entertainment, DJ entertainment and event planning industry, we possess cutting-edge knowledge that makes us the best option for corporate events or social events. Our industry experience and expertise distinguish us and allow us to bring our clients’ events to their fullest potential. Whether it is a meeting, trade show, convention, seminar, grand opening, black-tie gala, product launch, corporate party, wedding reception or any other type of event, we will take it to the next level! Zen Events Group can conceptualize and implement meetings and events of all sizes and calibers. As experts in our industry, we maintain national strategic relationships and an extensive knowledge base that allow us the resources to execute meetings and events at any level. Our understanding of customer service and commitment gives us a significant advantage above the rest. We are very flexible with the services that we offer and can offer our complete list of services in coordinating your meeting or event, or we can offer our services on an individual basis, depending on your needs.


Professional DJs, Professional Video DJs, Professional Emcees, Professional Variety Acts, Professional Wedding Planners, Professional Event Planners, Professional Corporate Meeting & Travel Planners, Onsite Event & Wedding Coordination
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