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STAR Chicago

General Info
Christine Johnson
Chicago, IL


Our vision is to become "The Association of Choice” selected by staffing and talent acquisition professionals for the best recruitment-oriented programs and its powerful professional community. STAR Chicago is committed to the advancement of staffing and talent acquisition professionals by:
  • Building staffing, recruitment and retention skills
  • Identifying critical and emerging issues within the staffing industry
  • Providing quality networking opportunities
  • Promoting best-in-class staffing and talent acquisition practices including diversity, branding, metrics, retention and other key staffing elements.
  • Providing function-specific information for the most important topics and issues facing our members and the profession.
  • Striving to educate and develop our members so that they can enhance their professional skills and their impact within their organization.
  • Promoting the value and efficacy of the staffing and talent acquisition profession with the business community and the community at-large.
  • Providing superior networking opportunities for our members.
  • Creating and fostering a sense of community among staffing and talent acquisition professionals.
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