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Pinnacle Fitness

General Info
Nancy Hildebrandt
Libertyville, IL


Pinnacle Fitness is like no other facility in Lake County. We encompass all aspects of fitness and wellness from muscular strength to your heart, your nutritional habits, self-confidence and everything in between.
Our facility focuses on functional movement training. What does that mean? We train using dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells; we use ladder drills the way athletes do; we have you move the way you would in the real world. When you are squatting down to lift a box, there isn't a pad pressing against your back and a machine to guide you in the perfect motion. That's why we train you on how to do a perfect squat – without a machine guiding you. We focus on training in the way our bodies were meant to move.
Our mission is to help you REACH YOUR POTENTIAL.  While other fitness facilities may offer similar services, we truly care about YOUR GOALS & RESULTS.
Come discover the Pinnacle difference and Reach Your Potential!
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