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CMO Karen Raviv’s Learning Mentality Is The Key To Her Success

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BizCastHQ sits down with Karen Raviv, CMO of Pinstripes, to discuss management style and her leadership mentality. Pinstripes understands that the best moments with family and friends happen face to face, which is why they strive to provide an incredible environment for people to experience these moments together.

As CMO of Pinstripes, Karen brings a learning mentality to work with her every day. Learning early on that feedback is a gift helped Karen to improve her work throughout her career. Being comfortable with making new mistakes is a key part of Karen’s learning mentality. It opens the door for new ventures, such as Pinstripes’ new social media efforts. Today, Karen is able to provide her team with constructive criticism and effectively lead the team in taking on new risks.

When searching for new talent, Karen advises to be as specific and honest as possible in your search. Going to those you trust for recommendations is an excellent way to find trustworthy talent. When Karen is hiring, a fit in personality is much more important than a fit in skills for the business. Through empowerment and transparency, Karen has been able to successfully build and retain her team at Pinstripes.