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Scott Hansen


Scott is the CEO of Scott Hansen Consulting. SH Consulting is a company that works with small business owners helping them create competition crushing marketing and sales funnels that will ultimately help grow revenues and dominate their marketplace. The goal when working with SH Consulting is to help the business owner client increase revenues, grow profits; while in turn, helping them blow past limiting beliefs. This is done by utilizing the Ultimate Success System that focuses on the “5 Part Profit Formula”; allowing the business owner to focus on the areas of the business that produces maximum output for success.

Accolades about Scott Hansen and SH Consulting
  • • Six Figure Coach magazine ranked Scott as one of top business coaches in the world
  • • Scott’s work has been seen in: ABC, NBC, FOX, Inc, Business Innovators.
  • • Has helped client reach multiple 7 figures in revenue that got this client on the INC 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the United States.
  • • Contributing writer for the top rated business magazine (Entrepreneur Magazine)
  • • International Best Selling Author
  • • Has helped his business owner clients increase revenues by millions of dollars
  • • Creator/host of one of the top business podcasts in the world
  • • In demand national speaker
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