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Michael Rothman


Michael Rothman has over 25 years of experience in the industrial service sector and 10 years in the retail services industry. Mr. Rothman has served as Chairman and CEO of SMS Assist, L.L.C. since its startup in 2003.

Mr. Rothman transformed the business from a traditional brick and mortar service company into an advanced technology company whose mobile and cloud-based facilities maintenance platform manages over 20,000 affiliated providers to service a nationwide roster of Fortune 500 retail and industrial clients representing over 110,000 locations. SMS’s proprietary technology provides vendor management, logistics planning, real-time order tracking, predictive modeling and electronic invoicing to deliver on-time, best-in-class service to every location, every time. A leader in facilities management, SMS and its affiliated providers execute millions of services annually while delivering significant cost savings to their clients.

Prior to SMS Assist, Mr. Rothman founded Kenny Industrial Services, a national coating and industrial cleaning company servicing 1,200 industrial customers, many from the Fortune 500. During his five-year tenure, Mr. Rothman was responsible for growth of the company’s annual revenues from $7 million to $240 million with 32 offices nationwide and over 3,000 employees. Before Mr. Rothman’s departure in 2003, he positioned Kenny as the #1 coating company and #32 in the top 600 specialty contractors in the country rated by E&R (Engineering Newsweek) and won many top safety awards.

Prior to Kenny, Mr. Rothman founded Combined Plant Services and sold it to Waste Management. From 1992 to 1994, Mr. Rothman served as President of the CPS division of National Service Corporation and then Vice President of Marketing for the industrial cleaning division of Rust Industrial Services.

Mr. Rothman attended Arizona State University.

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