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Royal Die & Stamping is a leading provider of superior components for the automotive, electronics and telecommunications industries. Metal stamping, assembly, injection & insert molding and prototyping are our specialty.

Royal Die & Stamping Company will design and maintain a manufacturing process to produce our customers' products that meet or exceed the desired requirements at a fair price, on time, while maintaining a profit.

To assure this outcome we will continue to pursue the highest quality raw material, invest in the best equipment, continue our commitment to prevent defects, and work towards continuous improvement.

Our commitment and investment in the future is uncompromised. We plan for the future to assure our ability to react to the ever changing business conditions in our industry. We achieve this by continuing to research and develop new technologies and methods.

We believe our employees are what separate us from our competition. Our employees are our most valuable asset. We encourage our employees to pursue continuing education and support their contributions and ideas.

Royal Die is committed to maintaining a safe, clean and environmentally responsible work place. We believe these actions will allow Royal Die & Stamping to remain a valued entity well into the 21st Century.

In 2013, Royal Die moved to its current location in Carol Stream, Illinois. Our new facility is 162,000 square feet. We believe this larger building will allow us to serve our customers better today and into the future. Many of Royal Die's customers have been with us for decades, a testament to the kind of service and value we provide. We intend on continuing this type service well into the new millennium.

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