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Daniel Barton


Dan guides a team in supporting the ever changing and growing telecommunications marketplace. He has presented papers at key engineering symposiums and authored papers that were published in technical journals. Dan gives Alive Telecom the opportunity to approach any communications project with unique solutions; general consulting, system design or component design for specialized RF projects.

Developed antennas for Broadcast, Government/Municipal Two-Way and Specialized Wireless applications, including 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) MIMO antennas.

Alive Telecom under Dan’s direction has designed and implemented numerous Wireless and Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for In-Building coverage, some of these systems include Adult Correctional Facilities, Hospitals, Convention Halls, Mixed Use High Rise Buildings and Mass Transit Terminals.

Previous to Alive Telecom, Dan worked at Andrew Corporation where he was the Lead Antenna System Engineer for the Broadcast products group; He was able to advance the product line that enabled Andrew to differentiate them from the competition. Dan was promoted to Engineer III at the age of 25. Dan left Andrew after assisting their start up In-Building Antenna products group.

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