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NWU Kellogg School of Management

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Jeff Hyman
Evanston, IL


The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is a premier global business school committed to its mission to educate, equip and inspire leaders who build strong organizations and wisely leverage the power of markets. Based just outside of Chicago, the vibrant, global community of faculty, staff, students and alumni shapes the practice of business and organizations around the world. Kellogg School offers an innovative portfolio of programs: five Full-Time MBA programs including the accelerated One-Year MBA and Two-Year MBA options, and joint degree programs with the engineering, medical and law schools; an Evening & Weekend Program; the Executive MBA global network; a Master of Science in Management Studies; and extensive non-degree Executive Education programs.
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Success of a team is most dependant on past success
CTO Jeff Hyman Dubs Employee Referrals And Networking As The Keys To Retaining Top Talent
Company Spotlight in Tech
Broadwind Energy
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Peter Duprey
Red Caffeine
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Kathy Steele
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Dave Cutler
videos (1)
Vip Sandhir
Burwood Group, Inc.
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Jim Hart
SiNode Systems
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Samir Mayekar
Middleground IT
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Sagar Pandya
8th Light
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Paul Pagel
Fuzzy Math
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Mark Baldino
AIT Worldwide Logistics
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Vaughn Moore
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Kelly Conway
SmartSource Inc.
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Joe Iovinelli
Scout Security, Inc.
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AAron Dannenbring
SP+ (SP Plus)
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Marc Baumann
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Greg Fenton
Sunderland Coaching
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Debra Sunderland
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Michael Krasman
SURYA Electronics
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Bruce Gianpetro
Vertex Software
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Dan Murray
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Denise Chudy
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Craig Vodnik
HS2 Solutions
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Phil Hollyer
InvestHER Ventures
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Cayla Weisberg
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Larry Bak
RKON Technologies
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Jeff Mullarkey
FLEx Lighting
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Mike Casper
Forte Group
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Steve Kreynin
videos (2)
Tom Haley
10th Magnitude
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Alex Brown
Table XI
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Mark Rickmeier
Carson Conant
Chicago Interactive Marketing Association (CIMA)
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Eric Whobrey
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Daniel Clark
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Glenn Trout
Trading Technologies
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Rick Lane
Origin Ventures
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Steve Miller
BlueGrace Logistics
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Alisha Greenwald
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Desiree Vargas Wrigley
Solving IT
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Paul Taylor
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Jordan Gilman
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Mike Giordano
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Ryan Coon
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Kevin Akeroyd
Champion Healthcare Technologies
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Peter Casady
Liberty Advisor Group
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Sara Fitzgerald
Kamea Networks & Technology
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Chach DalSanto
Scientel Solutions
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Nelson Santos
Sixième Son
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Colleen Fahey