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Legat Architects

General Info
Steve Blye, AIA, LEED AP
Chicago, IL


Legat Architects was founded in 1964 in a Waukegan, Illinois home and quickly gained a reputation for projects that were on time, on budget, and responsive. In the ensuing decades, the firm opened more studios and took on higher profile projects. Its work won more design awards, while its portfolio spread to over 30 countries.

Though today Legat stands as a leading design firm, its legacy of responsive client service and employee empowerment remains at the firm’s core. We thrive on design challenges that engage and advance communities, enhance the environment, and empower people to perform.

Our guiding principles:

Sustainability-- Legat’s sustainability practice is comprised of decades of experience. Our designers are committed to creating exceptional high-performance solutions for our clients.

Performance-- We believe in architecture that inspires and elevates the individual. We have examined the research behind what makes environments exceptional and we integrate this knowledge into our work.

Design-- Our approach to design is collaborative and inclusive. We consider every challenge as a design opportunity, and we take a lifelong learner’s approach to every project.
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