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Do What Is Right For The Customer

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Jared Kaplan is the CEO of OppLoans, an online consumer finance platform aimed at consumers that lack access to traditional financing. OppLoans looks at where a client can get the best lender service and where they fit best based on their risk profile – even if that isn’t OppLoans. Kaplan takes customer service very seriously. He believes that the biggest thing you can do to ensure the success of your company is to provide unbelievable customer service at every turn. One challenge that he addresses is how to maintain that level of customer satisfaction in the face of rapid company growth. One way a company can tackle that is to make sure that it is employing an amazing team, and not to be afraid to sometimes dive in and do the work yourself, even if you don’t know exactly what to do in every situation. But, Kaplan states, the top priority is to do right by the customers. Learn more about OppLoans and Kaplan by checking out the full BizCastHQ video.