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Have Processes In Place To Make Growth Possible

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At Boyle Feinberg Sharma, P.C., a boutique family law firm here in Chicago, lawyers are working diligently to ease the burden their clients face when dealing with life’s unfortunate occurrences such as divorce, custody and child support battles, among others. Molly Sharma, one of the firm’s talented partners, recently sat down with us to illustrate how her company balances client support and company growth as their primary objectives, in order to produce customer satisfaction and successful company performance. Molly is determined to establish her office as a setting where reward and advancement is always available. In order to nurture growth and satisfaction within the firm, she makes it a point to support and consider the career goals of all employees, ranging from basic legal secretaries to partners. Challenges arise when Molly must simultaneously focus on the success and growth of the firm while also helping clients navigate through difficult procedures and personal crises. To mitigate this challenge, she strategically employs an empathetic and sympathetic approach while providing legal support to distraught individuals. Learn more about Molly and Boyle Feinberg Sharma in the full video above.