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Zak Dabbas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Punchkick Interactive, a company that creates custom software for businesses ranging from mobile apps to interactive websites. Dabbas discusses some of the challenges that he has faced as a technology innovator in a fast-paced, technologically centered industry. According to Dabbas, trying to integrate new technologies is never easy, especially for companies that aren’t focused primarily on tech. He mentions that one of the biggest challenges he sees on a daily basis is teaching clients how to seamlessly integrate the software that they create for them. He also discusses leadership, and how within Punchkick, there are no traditional managerial models – people look to their peers for support and guidance, and in doing so, allows everyone to take a leadership role within the company. Building technology is fun, Dabbas says, and allowing employees to have creative reign over projects makes them happy and fulfilled within their positions. To learn more about Dabbas and Punchkick, watch the full BizCastHQ video.