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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

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With the help of Executive Director Dan Hostetler, Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center has made great progress in providing healing and wellness opportunities for patients in need. Dan’s main goal has always been differentiation, and by using strategies unlike those of other treatment facilities, he assures that all customer concerns are taken into consideration. While competitors are driven solely by profitability and fixate on billing and reimbursement, Above and Beyond’s target is to understand mental factors that lead to addiction, and makes business the secondary focus. By applying a psychological approach, Dan tries to diagnose the internal impulse that encourages people to turn to drugs and alcohol, with the aim of ultimately eradicating this temptation. With a sharp focus on systems and processes, Dan documents each client’s experience at Above and Beyond, allowing his staff to examine which techniques are effective and what must be improved to eventually help everyone reach relief in an efficient and linear time frame. With Dan’s vision, everyone is destined for a greater quality of life with happiness and fulfillment. Learn more about Dan and Above & Beyond in the full video interview below.