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Becoming a Successful Leader

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Denis Neville is founder and CEO of CoreFX Ingredients LLC, discusses how as a start-up founder he had “get out of the weeds”  which means that sometimes founders try to do all the work themselves but that they need to bring in team members to handle the business of day to day while he took the reigns as the CEO.  He states that “Managers do things right, while Senior Leaders do the right thing”. Constant communication is the base of his leadership as he communicates with his team as often as he can with an open door policy, town hall meetings, etc.  The direction of the company really comes from his words and what he does so he leads by example. Overfall, Neville’s CEO journey has taken him from being a founder and working in the business to being a CEO and leader who works on the business. Watch this informative video for more about how this successful  founder turned CEO has brought his company to where it is now.