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Spend Time On Human Resources

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As the CEO of China Metal Solutions, Jonathan Egan oversees the importation of materials and also oversees their finishing so that they can be utilized in many different ways. He discusses some big- and small-picture challenges that he faces in his day-to-day. Some challenges, Egan says, come from outside sources, and it’s important to sit down with your companies to discuss where the pain points are and how to go about rectifying them. He mentions that the relationship between a customer and supplier is not just a relationship – it’s a partnership that must be taken care of and given priority to make sure that it thrives. He also talks about the importance of finding the right people for the job so that you can be confident that every problem has the best possible solution. Any business, he says, should hold human resources to the highest regard – because people are the most important thing that can make a business thrive. To learn more about Egan and his businesses, check out the full BizCast HQ video.