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Blue Nova Technology

Blue Nova Technology’s mission is to become the world leader in mobile, web, wearable technology, innovation and an information technology solution provider. We seek opportunities to embrace technology in our daily lives and across different industries with the Light-Life Mobile Platform. Blue Nova Technology, L.L.C develops wearable devices with integrated Web & Mobile Applications tailored […]

Apply The Right Technology To The Right Solution

Paragon Biosciences is a life science innovator that invests in, builds, and advises bioscience companies. Jeff Aronin, Chairman and CEO of Paragon, discusses some of the obstacles he has faced as an entrepreneur in an exceptionally challenging industry. Paragon’s mission is to help people live longer, healthier lives by serving patients who live with severe […]

Leslie Anderson Brings Talent And Technology Together To Drive BMO Harris Bank Forward

BMO Harris Bank is a financial partner to businesses, consumers, startups, divestitures, and much more. Leslie Anderson, the SVP and U.S. Head of Business Banking Treasury and Payment Solutions at BMO Harris Bank said one of her biggest challenges was creating a different value proposition for the treasury teams in order to create a sales-led […]

Scott Van Der Weele And His Thoughts On Technology, Entrepreneurship, And Success

Business Sense Consulting works to provide the best business strategy solutions with firms across multiple industries. Principal Scott Van Der Weele has owned the company for nearly 30 years and shares his thoughts on technology and how to succeed as an entrepreneur. He is currently working on a non-profit project for providing job training to […]

CEO Maria Kim Discusses Communication, Technology And Being An Employer Of Choice

As the CEO of Cara, Maria Kim has to wear a lot of different hats during her daily work schedule. Since its founding in 1991, Cara has served as a leader of poverty alleviation in Chicago and beyond. As an employer of choice, Maria always looks to provide her employees with autonomy and inspire a […]

Illinois Technology Association (ITA)

ITA offers innovative business services that enable Illinois technology companies to scale through collaboration, education, talent development and industry visibility. We aren’t a place you “go” – we are a network you access, a resource you leverage, an advisor you trust. The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization.

CEO Drew Stern: Introducing New Technology Into A Legacy Industry

As the Founder and Co-CEO of Esquify, Drew Stern has made it his mission to revolutionize the management of  review teams and lower the cost associated with document review projects for law firms. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Drew discusses the way his company can address the specific pain points that law firms are […]

CEO Jerry Freeman: Living Life On the Cutting Edge Of Technology

Jerry Freeman, Founder and CEO of Specifix, has a history of leading business along the frontier of cutting edge technology. From AI to augmented reality, Jerry discusses the importance of technology in his career. Jerry’s company Specifix is a mobile application that gives design, construction and retail professionals the power to accurately and confidently visualize […]

Rob Lancit On The Importance Of Embracing Technology

As the Regional VP of MFV Expositions, Rob Lancit has learned to embrace technology in order to better reach his target audience. As the leading provider of business development opportunities for franchisors to expand their franchise network for over 25 years, MFV continues to bring the franchise world together through face-to-face events, online portals and […]

Strata Decision Technology

Strata Decision Technology provides an innovative cloud-based financial analytics and performance platform that is used by healthcare providers for financial planning, decision support and continuous cost improvement.  Founded in 1996, the Company’s customer base includes 1,000 hospitals and many of the largest and most influential healthcare delivery systems in the U.S. The Company’s StrataJazz® application […]