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Ryan Meczyk


Norman “Ryan” Meczyk is the founder and CEO of Norman Distribution.  Under his leadership, Norman Distribution has grown into one of the most renowned full-service DSD Distributors in the CPG space within the Midwest region. Currently, Norman Distribution services over 2500 retail locations across multiple channels of trade. Ryan is driving Norman Distribution to become the industry leader in healthy food initiatives, product innovation, and sustainability. Ryan is responsible for the overall direction and implementation of strategies for continued success.  As a young but determined leader, he is considered an expert in the CPG space and is frequently called upon by industry peers to assist in business strategy and execution. From an idea to completion, he is effective in virtually all aspects of product conception and market implementation. Ryan is also the CEO and President of Spearhead Holdings, LLC, a CPG-based brand incubator.  Spearhead has partnered with entrepreneurs in the food space to assist in the concept, development, finance, marketing, and funding of startup brands. With Spearhead’s vast relationships along the supply chain, Spearhead is quickly becoming a respected launching pad for new CPG concepts and product innovation.
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